Monday, March 24, 2008

Update Part I

Thank you for the overwhelming response to The End of This Blog.
One regret: for all of those people who wrote me heartfelt e-mails to which I never responded. I am
fully aware that your sentiments and opinions were just fine living inside your heads. That you felt the
urge to write to me and express all that is not lost on me, if fact you made my day and then some. But one thing about me – I just get shy and nervous when I receive praise, especially when it’s genuine like
that. I responded to some of you, but not to most.

And for that I’m truly sorry. I’d usually read the e-mail, feel touched, and hurriedly close the message,
saying I’d get back to it later. Just me being a freak – I was always grateful and happy, please know that.

So! Update on stuff. I can do that.

My “New” Job:
I quit my job. The fantastic job that sucked. I just walked out one day, around 11:00 a.m, after a mind-blowing ambush/backstab. I have only done that one other time in my life. Hate doing it.

But then something magical happened. And you know what? The same magic happened last time, too.

Both times, I walked out and never looked back. Both times, I went straight home, feeling joyous, and went out and *immediately* found the job I’d always wanted.

Last time was 1997. This time was – obviously – 2007. I work in Century City now, doing the same type of work but in a capacity that is acceptable to me.

The real Michele came to visit in August. We ran around LA – downtown, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills. We went shopping, went to a spa, went out clubbing and dancing, went to the beach, went to Mann’s Chinese and Hollywood Boulevard. We did it all in three days! No drugs or drinking. A first in our friendship. I am going to visit her in May for a whole week -- the first paid vacation I have ever received from a job in my life. I’m totally going to milk that shit for all it’s worth!

So yeah, the “real” Michele is doing very well. So is “Brit” – I talk to him every so often.

The “real” Tanya and Ollie are fucked. He was arrested a year ago for beating a puppy to death. Yeah, that one really shocked me. I found out by googling his name which is pretty unique. It makes me wonder if they didn’t get into some super hard shit. Like, crack or meth. What could make a person do that?

I will update more soon. I just had to “break the seal,” to remind myself how easy it is to post.

Oh, also, I just cut a foot of hair off my head. No, I didn’t donate it to Locks of Love because it was fried to hell.


ex-millennial girl



Me and my daughter:


I feel so free now! I realized that my hair had become this THING that was taking over my life!! To keep long hair healthy, you need: special comb, special hair dryer, special straightening goo, special shampoo and conditioner, special rubber bands, etc etc etc. Taking a bath? Forget it! Terrible, worrisome procedure: a few strands of hair might get wet, and then I’d have to blow those strands dry. I was *always* thinking about my hair. I would not do certain activities if I’d just blown my hair straight, or else risk ruining my ‘do. So I walked into Rudy’s Barbershop in Silverlake one day and said “just chop it off.” I never looked back at the (probably) huge pile of hair I left behind. It’s a 100% pageboy cut -- I can’t straighten it right now, or I look like the Berries n Cream Starburst guy. So I just wash ‘n go!!!!! I have not done that in probably ten years. I’m like: fuck straight hair. So, so over it.

So, okay -- I have a neato thing to share with everyone, and I will do so in my next post. Love and miss you all,